Who we are

About Our Server


Greetings! Are you looking for a survival server that can provide you with a completely realistic survival experience? RealisticWorld is where you want to go! RealisticWorld is a 21k x 21k Minecraft survival server. The map is divided into several climate zones. In the arctic and desert zones, you can go on a 100-day survival challenge to survive the scorching heat or subzero cold! In the subarctic zone, you can get snow filled experience. Tired of all the cold? Go to the tropical zone!
It is a summer paradise, where you can explore the wild jungle. Do you want a hot summer with shade and cold winter without the snow? The temperate and subtropical zones are perfect for a relaxed play experience free of environmental hazards! Each zone contains tons of custom structures and cave biomes anywhere you go! RealisticWorld is available on Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. We hope to see you there!


Realistic Earth-Like Experience

We try our best to mimic a real life survival experience onto RealisticWorld. Aside from Vanilla minecraft hunger system, our server adds on additional nutrition hunger requirements, as well as thirst and energy bars. RealisticWorld has also implemented features that make the en vironment around us realistic such as realistic tree-falling animation, advanced combat systems, as well as seasons and temperatures that give players random effects!


Custom Biomes and Structures

RealisticWorld is a 21k by 21k realistic survival world. We use complete custom biomes painted from scratch! Aside from the Overworld, we also have custom biomes for the Nether and the End. Additionally, we have 70+ custom structures to explore which range from small to big such as sky islands, dungeons, buildings, graveyards, outposts, farmland, to an enormous mansion!


Bedrock Compatible and Dynmap

We want all players to have a chance to play on our server. That’s why our server is bedrock compatible! RealisticWorld is available on bedrock edition. That means you can play on the server using your phones, tablets, and even your console! Tired of getting lost? Go on to our Dynmap! Dynmap is a map website that allows you to have a complete view of our 21k x 21k world. You can also see you and other players' real-time location while on the Dynmap!